Friday, July 30, 2010

Romanic Art (At Chiquinquira Church)

The Romanesque is presented as the first international style of the Middle Ages, from the end of X at the beginning of XIII. It extends the boundaries of the Western Roman Empire. The center is located in Romanesque France. Some of the factors influencing its formation were:

Feudalism: dependency links man to man. The socio-economic organization and politics of Europe. It is characterized by the weakening of the power of kings, from the crisis at the end of the Roman Empire and is aggravated by the expansion of Islam. It is a self-sufficient and rural society. The wealth is in the land owned by nobility and clergy. In the s. XI medieval city appears to be installed in the markets and fairs.

The church, with its enormous material power is the main customer of art. Dictates the themes and artistic interpretation. Monasteries. New religious orders (reforms of the old)

Pilgrimages and Crusades, pilgrimages to holy places (Jerusalem, Rome, Santiago) influence the spread of Romanesque.

The Crusades brought into contact with Eastern Europe (Byzantium and Muslim)

The millennial terror: "Terror 1000 year." atmosphere of fear and anxiety. We developed a pietistic movement thanksgiving. In the art reflects this with the representation of evil animals, the Last Judgement, ...

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