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Stairs to nowhere

NIKON D80, NIKON 18-55@55mm, ISO 200 f/4, 3 Exposures

In my family outing last Sunday, my 6 year old son (Alexander) suggested me to take a picture of these stairs, and decided to do it in HDR to keep the habit.

This is the surroundings of the Hotel Humboldt, Abandoned for decades

Saturday, November 27, 2010

If these room could talk

NIKON D2Xs, NIKON 12-24@12mm, ISO 100, f/4, 7 Exposures


This is a photo taken at the Fourth San Carlos, this place was for a long time, a prison for political prisoners. When I had the opportunity to take photos at this place, I could not imagine what these people could suffer during his incarceration, no matter the reason for their detention, to me were people like us, who lived in acini and not always with good treatment .... I finally asked ... What does this walls can tell me?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Full Moon

NIKON D2Xs, NIKON 600mm, ISO 100, F/4, 1 Exposure


Sometimes I wake up very early ... and now, thank God, was one of those days, because when I look out the window and see how beautiful the moon was, I felt that was worth up early:)

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NIKON D2Xs, NIKON 12-24@24mm, ISO 100, F/4, 7 Exposures


NIKON D3Xs, NIKON 12-24@12mm, f4, ISO 100 7 Exposures

Inspired by Tom and Dave for the recent visit to the air / space museum, my contribution :)

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Birds from Venezuela

The Other room

NIKON D2Xs, NIKON 12-24@18mm, ISO 100, F/4 9 Exposures

During my visit to the National Pantheon of Venezuela, I had the opportunity to be all alone inside this place, I received permission to take pictures just the day that is closed to the public. While doing one of the shots, I saw this space called my attention because of its simplicity,  but also by the light that came from the other room, plus the sacrum and peace environment that can breathe in here, it seemed ideal to take a picture remember the feeling of tranquility and peace I felt at that moment, here I share with you

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Trick or Treat

NIKON D80, NIKON 18-55@55mm , f/5, ISO 100, 3 Exposures

In search of houses that had a perfect look for Halloween, I got this, of course I was not able to enter ...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Parque Central

NIKON D80, NIKON 12-24@12mm, f/13, ISO 100, 3 Exposures

Urban Complex Central Park is a housing development, commercial, cultural and recreational center run by the Centro Simon Bolivar and located in the urbanization El Conde, in downtown Caracas, Venezuela adjacent to Paseo Vargas.
Within the complex are the Twin Towers of Central Park, are two skyscrapers that for decades have become an icon of the architecture of Caracas. From 1979 (when it opened the West Tower) until 2003 held the title of the tallest skyscrapers in Latin America, until they were overtaken by the Torre Mayor in Mexico City. Today Central Park Towers is the first tallest buildings in South America (also from 1979) and second in Latin America.
When the complex finally opened in 1983 was considered the "most important urban development in Latin America." Since then Central Park has been central point of reference hull of Caracas, its many cultural institutions typically rely and its location adjacent to the cultural district of museums in Caracas, and its proximity to this city, interconnected by a road system first-world highways and the Metro de Caracas, has given more than 30 years a first-order recovery.


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Comes up at your own risk

NIKON D80, NIKON 18-55@20mm, ISO 100, f/3,8 3 Exposures


Boston Bad Brackets – The Scott Wyden Challenge

I took the challenge of HDR photography, sent by Scott. It was really a great challenge and very interesting, the photos were taken without tripod and with people moving in the background, this resulted in ghostly figure in post processing with Photomatix, which I then had to fix in Photoshop. In the end this type of challenge, help me to further develop best practices learned from this wonderful group of people who have helped me learn about this technique ...

and if you are on Twitter I recommend follow him Scott Wyden A great photographer

Thanks so much Scott W.

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El Rosal

NIKON D80, NIKON 18-55@33mm, ISO 100, f/5.6, 3 Exposures

After seeing the excellent Brian Webinar, which was very useful for me, I set out to implement, this is one of my tests, much to practice, but these seminars are great to keep learning, I'm sure I'm on the road.

Thanks Brian

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A day at the shooting range

Last weekend was not a normal ride, I went to a shooting range to practice, and of course the camera is always with me and took some pictures, here is some of them