Sunday, July 18, 2010

Iglesia El Calvario

Ezequiel Zamora Park also known as Parque El Calvario and El Calvario is a public space in Caracas, Venezuela situated in the central town of the city west of the Redevelopment El Silencio, between parishes Cathedral and San Juan del Municipio Libertador. It has an area of 17 hectares that occupy green areas, landscaping, monuments and squares.

Its construction was ordered by President Antonio Guzmán Blanco about French landscape to create a botanical garden and walk on the hill of El Calvario, the work was opened in 1883 under the name of Paseo Guzmán Blanco. The gardens were deployed in large terraces and were performed by Luciano and Eleazar Urdaneta Urdaneta, the tour also had a chapel and a statue of Guzman Blanco, popularly known as "the manganzón" which was shot down after he left power.

In 1884 the government assumes Joaquín Crespo, who is committed to certain extensions to the seaside, besides the change of name to Paseo Independencia. So in 1885 included another temple, the chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes, Gothic architectural style. Then other Venezuelan presidents were interested in expanding the park in 1895 opened the Arc of the Federation, in commemoration of the Federal War. Those involved in the work were made by Alejandro Chataing and Evaristo Padilla. In 1898 he built the monument to Christopher Columbus, in addition to the statue also incorporated stairs bleachers calls Columbus, now known as the steps of El Calvario

In the Parque El Calvario are busts and statues of Christopher Columbus, Diego de Losada, José Francisco Bermúdez, Simón Rodríguez, Teresa Carreno, Simón Bolívar, Agustín Codazzi, among others. Inside the park there are four seats, Simón Bolívar, Agustín Codazzi, The Gazebo and The Parnassus.

In the 1940s the Museum was inaugurated in Caracas Ornithology in the northern part of the park

In 1993 he was declared Historical Patrimony, Artistic, Architectural and Environmental. In mid-2003 an unprecedented event occurred in the political history of Venezuela, where more than half of the members of the National Assembly of Venezuela (all ruling bloc) decide to sit outside the Federal Legislative Palace and do in El Calvario.

In 2009 the Municipality of Libertador announces comprehensive rehabilitation plan of the park El Calvario, which ended after a year, the plan included the restoration of all landscaping, park furniture, construction of a library, but also removed the statue of Christopher Columbus and the original lamps in the park, despite being protected by the Cultural Heritage Institute on page 112 of the Heritage catalog Libertador municipality. Also changed the original key of the Arc of the Federation had been the target since its opening to a light purple color .

On February 20, 2010 by order of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez decided to rename the park space Ezequiel Zamora, after the Federal War leader.

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