Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hacienda Sta. Teresa III

Since the early sixteenth century sugar cane was grown in the fertile valleys of Aragua. And it was there, in the heart of Venezuela, where the Conde de Tovar y Blanco in 1796 founded the Hacienda Santa Teresa.

The Hacienda Santa Teresa is located in central Venezuela, one of the richest and most fertile valleys of the country rich and sunny land, caressed by winds that maintain a steady pace and spread the generous rainfall throughout the year, with an altitude ideal ensuring cool temperatures at night and warm enough in the day, at Santa Teresa cane harvest sweet and juicy, Venezuela. It is a place for over two hundred years has developed the most important artisan tradition in the distillation and aging of rum, to produce the Ron Santa Teresa, the best rum in the world ...

It all began in the late eighteenth century, even before the establishment of the people around us, which is the people of The Council, in June of 1771 a wealthy landowner owns the land Caracas, 45, named Martin Tovar y Blanco receives King Charles III of Spain on title count, this leads after the September 11, 1772, a letter to his Lordship the Bishop of Venezuela, Bishop Mariano Martí, which calls for the creation of a new parish and construction of a church on the site of the Tuy river banks that could well be the Mammon o Sabaneta.

Also mentioned in this application the unification of Farms located in the valley, among which are: La Hacienda Barrios, Hacienda Las Mercedes, Santa Rosalia, The Paca, Mamon, El Pauji, La Hacienda "La Guadalupe" (where 24 born November 1786 Dr. José Rafael Revenga, noble hero of independence, Secretary General of the Liberator, Bolivar who calls "my dear brother" and finally their own to which they were simply called "the land of Tovar" .

After a long process, January 24, 1777, Bishop decreed the establishment of the People Our Lady of Good Counsel of Mammon.

Not until 1796 when Count Tovar does unify all these properties and realized his dream to see christened with the name of SANTA TERESA, this for the birthday of one of his daughters, Miss Teresa, and has since been a process of transformation of the tax becoming a company that manufactures the best Ron Venezuela, the RON SANTA TERESA.

In 1885 Gustavo Julio Vollmer Ribas bought the Hacienda Santa Teresa and introduced new varieties of cane. Cultures were systematized. In 1896 starts to occur the first Ron de Venezuela and in 1909 the mark is registered Ron Santa Teresa, the third trademark registered in the country ...

The wonder of a land known for its historical heritage, which bear witness to the centuries-old royal palms stand majestic and run through the valleys of Aragua, we add the assets of a traditional distillation and aging in the best rum in the world: Ron Santa Teresa.

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